He may have had a pretty ‘unremarkable’ time in High School — being just one of many students engaged in typical activities, but Br. Mandy’s journey transcended the confines of LSGH. He soared to great academic heights with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial Management, an MA in Religious Education and later earning for himself a Doctorate in Theology. He has since developed a passion for photography and is into writing with fountain pens; impressively, he can speak five languages fluently and has penned three storybooks for children. Br. Mandy is currently the Vice Chancellor for Mission and Development at USLS, Bacolod; he previously held the post of Lasallian Mission Office Director for LSGH. Intelligent, humorous, serious and inventive — that’s our Br. Mandy! Get motivated to say Yes, Bro! Email us at vocations@lsgh.edu.ph or message us via social media pages @dlsbrothersGH / @dlsbrothersPH.