Learn More. Be More.

LSGH has always been described as a school that offers ‘holistic education’ where our students are known to be ‘well-rounded.’ Marrying both with the popular Lasallian motto, Teaching minds, touching hearts, transforming lives, the new tagline was formed to define the LSGH brand of education and the students we wish to form. The various offerings and activities are designed to ensure that these strengthen the foundational values of faith, service and communion. As mentioned in the Pillars of the LSGH Lasallian Identity, the school is ‘Mindful and sensitive to the signs of the times; we are challenged to use our gifts to help others. We believe that the education we receive empowers us and others to be a force for good. As members of One La Salle community, we commit to contributing to positive change.’ 

Let this be our challenge – that we will continue to build a culture of learning in our community beyond the walls of the classroom. 

May everyone (students and personnel alike) develop a passion for learning. 

Together, let’s “LEARN MORE. BE MORE!’ 


Inspired by the teachings of Jesus and the charism of St. John Baptist de La Salle, La Salle Green Hills, a Catholic school, promotes the values of Faith, Service, and Communion. We bring out the best in our students by nurturing their gifts, passion, and full potential through innovative and relevant educational programs; highly competent and committed educators; and a 21st century learning environment. Working together as a community, we develop Lasallians who are exemplary leaders who care for the poor and the environment.   


LSGH 2025:   

The school of choice.   

Building character, forming leaders.   

Learn More.


The school offers a wide range of competency-based learning strategies and interactive activities that support the student’s educational development.  


The school provides seminars, webinars, and professional development sessions for upskilling of the support staff and for the faculty to be refreshed and to learn new trends in the academe. There had also been special programs to help the personnel be more aware of current realities and situations about the environment, issues on justice and peace and the like. 

Be More. 


The school offers activities that are aimed at the development and well-being of the students: co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, sports offerings, various clubs and organizations – leadership clubs, spiritual and socio-civic activities.  


Opportunities like recollections, retreats, team building activities, reach-out and volunteer work in various events like tree planting, coastal clean-up, medical missions give the personnel the chance to do more than just their usual work.

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