La Salle Green Hills ushers in School Year 2020-2021 with the following alumni from different batches on board, who now call LSGH home once again – not as students, but as colleagues and prime movers in the administration:  

  • Batch 1981, Br. Edmundo L. Fernandez FSC, President 
  • Batch 1997, Br. Normandy C. Dujunco FSC, Director for Lasallian Mission 
  • Batch 1987, Arch. Pablo Fortunato A. Suarez, Head, Administrative Services Department 
  • Batch 1985, Dr. Francisco T. Tiosejo, Head, Health Services Office 
  • Batch 2010, Mr. Jose Miguel V. Moreno, Head, Human Resource Development Office 
  • Batch 1995, Mr. John Patrick A. Zablan, Head, Safety and Security Office 
  • Batch 1993, Mr. Joseph Ray Albert B. Garrido, Head, Technology Management Center 
  • Batch 2004, Mr. David Johnn M. Leaño, Head, Marketing and Communication Office 
  • Batch 1998, Mr. Rayvincent Matthew J. Bienvenida, Head, Sports Program &  
  • Development Office 
  • Batch 1997, Mr. Michael D. Tecson III, Head, Strategic Planning Office 

We believe in the Lasallian graduate! ANIMO!