LSGH alumnus and Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications, Mr. Agapito “Joe” D. Zaldarriaga, recently ventured back to his alma mater, facilitating a learning session to an auditorium full of faculty and school personnel.

Organized by the Strategic Planning Office, in coordination with the Human Resource Development and the Lasallian Mission Office, the session revolved around the theme, “The Impact of Communication in Shaping School Culture, Building Reputation and Crisis Management.” 

“It  felt very nostalgic,” Mr. Zaldarriaga said, revisiting the place that played a big role in his life. 

During the two-hour event held last March 8, 2024 at the Br. Donato Center (BDC), he talked about how effective communication plays a crucial role in building school reputation and managing crisis, especially now, when things are different compared to how they were before the internet and what he calls, ‘the explosion of other communication platforms.’ 

Drawing from his more than forty years of experience as a communications professional, Mr. Zaldarriaga walked the audience through crisis communication management, providing tips and valuable inputs during the simulation activity held toward the end of the session. 

Our heartfelt appreciation to our distinguished alumnus, Manong Joe. Animo La Salle!