We congratulate our LSGH History Varsity Club members for their impressive performance in the 2021 International History Bowl Fall League, an event administered by the International Academic Competitions (IAC) from November 20 to 21. Held annually, the International History Bee and Bowl (IHBB) provided the participants from around the world an opportunity to deepen their understanding of and appreciation for history. Our students placed in the following categories: 

CHAMPION, Varsity Division
John Lance D. Bautista 12-J
and Vladimir A. Gonzales 12-J
Angelo Isaac P. Nuestro12-G
Yanni B. Ranollo, 12-K

THIRD PLACE, Junior Varsity Division
Carlos Sebastian L. Santos, 11-L
Alfonso Joaquin G. Bagadiong, 10-C
Jose Iñigo L. Beltran, 10-I
Juan Diego N. Rioflorido, 9-G

Animo LSGH!