With a 4-medal haul, Calvin Uno T. Salavante and Mark Anvil B. Venterez marked their participation in the winter and spring rounds of the 7th Mathematics Without Borders (MWB) event. Held each year, it is open to participants aged 7 to 18 years old from different countries, and a good avenue to further develop level of competencies and fuel interest in mathematics.

Winter Round    Spring Round

Calvin Uno T. Salavante                 Silver                     Silver
Mark Anvil B. Venterez                 Bronze                  Bronze

Aside from joining the international event, our duo has also earned distinctions AMSLI’s science and math enrichment programs:

Salavante, Calvin Uno T.                With High Honors and Distinction Award
Venterez, Mark Anvil B.                 With Highest Honors

Salavante, Calvin Uno T.                With Honors