For the next part of our Vocations Day-Wednesday Series, we are excited to introduce you to Br. Irwin Anthony Climaco FSC, one of the Brothers currently assigned to LSGH. Br. Irwin is serving LSGH in the following capacities:SHS Teacher; Club Moderator;Creative Lead; and, Vocations Coordinator. On the question, ‘How does LearnMoreBeMore resonate with you?’ Br. Irwin says, “Be it further studies that would help me in my teaching/administrative ministries or spending time with students to get to know them to accompany them better and to hopefully lead them to discover their vocation in life, or engaging in self-care activities such as learning a new sport or having regular exercise to be “fit for the mission” thus being able to serve more, there is a constant invitation as a Brother to LEARN MORE to BE MORE not just for ourselves, but also for the people entrusted to our care.” Get motivated to say Yes, Bro! Email or message @dlsbrothersGH / @dlsbrothersPH to know more about a Brother’s life.