He’s the all-around Mr. Nice Guy, involved with SACB, LaSAL, Search-In, Pep Squad, The Lazette, the Chorale and Peer Counseling Organization. He studied Legal Management at DLSU and after completing his master’s in religious education, he is now pursuing his PhD for Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Theology Major in Religious Education. Notably, 20 years after HS graduation, he was named LSGH High School Principal in 2016! His plethora of hobbies and interests include Star Wars, yoga, plants and gardening, traveling, food and his impressive 76 (and growing) cross collection. Here goes Br. Richie; he’s jovial, caring and truly amazing! Get to know our 15 LSGH Alumni-Brothers every Vocations Day Wednesday! Email us at vocations@lsgh.edu.ph or message us via social media pages @dlsbrothersGH / @dlsbrothersPH.