He is a person who transcends his favorite quotes into aspects of his life — this is how introspective and multifaceted Br. Kenneth is.

“Prayer draws down God’s graces on others.”

In High School, he was an active member of the La Salle Apostolic League and a respected Peer Counselor. He understands the profound impact of prayer on others and his passion to serve.

“You must pray not only for yourself but also for those whom you are guiding; lift up your hands to heaven to draw down God’s blessings on them.”

He is currently the President of USLS, St. Joseph High School La Salle and La Salle College-Victorias in Bacolod. Previously, he was also President of De La Salle Lipa and DLSU-Science and Technology Campus and Vice President for Academics and Foundation at La Salle Academy, Iligan City, among others. He recognizes the power of devotion and generously contributes his expertise with his ‘can do, will do’ attitude.

“The more you devote yourself in prayer, the more you will do well in your work.”

Br. Kenneth’s is a licensed pharmacist and a Doctor of Ministry, a faith-life coach; his hobbies and interests include swimming and snorkeling, nature hiking, going on food trips and spending quiet alone time in isolated places. He knows the value of personal enrichment and inspiration, drawing motivation and divine blessings from and through prayer.

Br. Kenneth is delightfully conversant, independent and grateful. He is a remarkable teacher, a gracious leader, and a true friend. His presence uplifts those around him, one who not only prays for his own well-being but also for the welfare of those under his care.

His faith, dedication, and compassion, after his time with LSGH, inspire us to embrace similar virtues in our own lives and strive to make a positive impact on others!

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