We congratulate our senior and junior high school students for their strong showing in three history competitions: the inaugural 2020 History Bee and Bowl; the 2020 Academic Bee Asian Championships; and the 2020 IAC Global Summer League History Bee.  

Inaugural 2020 History Bee and Bowl – June 27, 2020  

History Bowl   
Junior Varsity Champion:   

  • Yanni B. Ranollo  
  • John Lance V. Bautista  

Middle School     
3rd place: 

  • Alfonso Joaquin G. Bagadiong  
  • Andrew G. Sevilla  

History Bee  
Junior Varsity

Champion: John Lance V. Bautista  
3rd Place: Yanni B. Ranollo  
4th Place: Miguel Santino U. Alvarez   

Middle School  

10th place:  Andrew G. Sevilla  

2020 Academic Bee Asian Championships – June 21, 2020 

Varsity Division 

2nd Place: Pablo B. Esguerra Jr.  

2020 IAC Global Summer League History Bee Competition – August 16, 2020  

2nd Place: John Lance V. Bautista