Congratulations to our 13-member Mustang Baseball Team for emerging first runner-up in the 27th season of the  Metro Manila School League Baseball and Softball Tournament. Our young and talented Lasallian baseball players competed in the 10 Under division, clashing against teams and clubs from Metro Manila and nearby towns and provinces. Congratulations, Team!

Jose Enrico J. Sicangco (2F)
Audrey Faith C. Abellera (3A)
Francisco Jai Leon F. Acosta (3A)
Rafael Grey A. Balajadia (3C)
Yuan Levi R. Eugenio (3C)
Kalden Vito D. Lopez (4A)
Alejandro Miguel Z. Ortega (4A)
Sebastian Carlo Maria H. Mapa (4B)
Matteo Lloyd P. Balajadia (4C)
Vincent Wayne S. Gregorio (4C)
Marcus Gabriel V. Inoncillo (4D)
Jerince Wiz O. Montecir (4D)
Jacques Alexander Y. Herrera (5H)