Celebrating the beauty of dance!

Last April 19, LSGH’s premier dance troupe, AirForce, grooved and moved onstage, showcasing creative talent, agility and grace via Testify XIII, an annual dance event. Held at the Br. Donato Center for the Performing Arts, the sold-out, one-night only dance concert also featured exciting performances from LSGH Ace, SPCP Terpsichore Street, Assumption College Dance Troupe, AFU, and Legit Status. With multi-awarded showrunner Coach Vimi Rivera at the helm, the AirForce’s passion for dance shone through; the energy, the rhythm felt by everyone who came to witness Testify XIII. Congratulations AirForce! Continue to go further, in life and in dance. Animo La Salle!

Photo Credits:

@nicobrillantes and 

Ms. Maricon Payte, AF Moderator