Under ConnectEd, LSGH graduates and DSHAPE passers who are admitted to college at DLSU need not take the requisite placement exam and introductory level courses of DLSU college degree programs, provided they meet the minimum grade requirement set by the university for the corresponding course. 

Below are the salient points of the DLSU ConnectEd – Phase 2 Program:  

  • Introductory college courses shall be taught at the Senior High School (SHS) level by LSGH at standards set by DLSU.
  • DLSU shall deploy qualified faculty members to teach at LSGH, assist in the design and delivery of required content and assessment of select senior high school subjects, and certify that the select SHS subjects taught at LSGH are equivalent to specified DLSU bridging courses or introductory level courses. The certification of a select SHS subject is valid for a period of two (2) school years.
  • The DSHAPE shall be administered to all Grade 10 LSGH students to serve as basis for their prequalification to DLSU college degree programs.
  • Beginning Academic Year 2022-2023, LSGH graduates, who prequalified to DLSU college degree programs via DSHAPE, shall be exempted from taking the requisite placement examination and introductory level courses, provided they meet the minimum grade requirement set by DLSU for the corresponding course. 


DSHAPE – DLSU Senior High Admissions and Placement Examinations
DCAT – DLSU College Admission Test