When was the very first time you thought of wanting to become a doctor?

I thought of becoming a doctor when I was in 7th grade.

What made you decide to become a doctor?

I wanted to be like my grandfather, a doctor who served those in need of medical care back in his hometown of San Juan, Batangas.

How did it occur to you that your profession was your calling?

The sense of joy I felt when assisting my grandfather convinced me that being a doctor was my calling.

How do you discern and live out the Lasallian core values of faith, service and communion in your chosen vocation?

I put my faith in the Lord that my hands would be instruments for prolonging life and promoting better health in others. This has always been the ultimate goal of my profession.

How will you promote to your fellow young Lasallians the vocation that you have chosen? What advice can you give them?

Any profession/vocation requires lifelong commitment. If you choose the medical profession as your lifelong vocation, the feeling of joy and fulfillment from having saved countless lives will be the ultimate gift to the Lord and oneself.