When was the first time you thought of wanting to become a doctor?

When I was in high school

What made you decide to become a doctor?

In high school, I was very interested in human biology.

How did it occur to you that your profession is your calling?

When I started clinical rotations in PGH, I could really see that I was making a significant difference in patients’ lives.

How do you discern and live out the Lasallian core values of faith, service, communion, in you chosen vocation?

When treating patients, I never forget to recognize the power of God and prayer in the healing and comfort of my patients and their families.

How will you promote to your fellow young Lasallians the vocations that you have chose? What advice can you give them?

Being a physician is truly a calling and one must have the perseverance to go through the rigors of medical school and training. The rewards, however, are great and infinite and you will truly feel as if you are living the Lasallian way of life once you are able to help patients and their families.