When was the first time you thought of wanting to become a doctor?

I actually was ‘influenced’ to become a doctor by my grandmother and my mom when I was 7 years old.

What made you decide to become a doctor?

The need to understand and treat my family’s illnesses as well as help others made me decide to become a doctor.

How did it occur to you that your profession is your calling?

When my grandfather had a heart attack which he survived, I knew then that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine, to heal people from their disease and help alleviate their sufferings.

How do you discern and live out the Lasallian core values of Faith, Service, and Communion in your chosen vocation?

I consider myself just an instrument of God’s plan for people. Through charity projects and medical/surgical missions, I give back to the community. As a doctor to terminally ill patients, I talk to their families, sharing their burden and sorrow.

How will you promote to your fellow Lasallians the vocation that you have chosen? What advice can you give them?

I always believe in the saying “If you love your job, you will never work for the rest of your life.” It will take dedication and commitment to finish medicine.