When was the very first time you thought of wanting to become a De La Salle Brother?

My interest in becoming a De La Salle Brother began when I attended a live-in program at the Brothers’ Formation House. The experience inspired me and made me realize that it was similar with what I wanted to do with my life which was to be of service to others.

What made you decide to become a De La Salle Brother?

The choice of becoming a De La Salle Brother appealed to me because it will allow me to be of service to others. I was also influenced by the fact that I am a product of a Lasallian education and that I had La Salle Brothers as teachers who made a deep impression on me. Finally, I prayed about it and was convinced that I was making the right choice.

How did it occur to you that your profession is your calling?

I enjoy teaching my students; working with other teachers, administrators and staff; and, living together with Brothers in community and deeply value the brotherhood we share. I am convinced that God continues to call me to this way of life.

How do you discern and live out the Lasallian core values of faith, service and communion in your chosen vocation?

In his writings, St. La Salle said that we have to see everything through the eyes of faith, to see everything as coming from God and attribute all to God. That is the perspective through which I look at life and everything that happens around us. Hence, when we see a situation of need, we can look at it as an invitation and an opportunity to do something about it and to do it both as a response to a call from God and as an offering so that our actions will be for the greater glory of God.

How will you promote to your fellow young Lasallians the vocation you have chosen? What advice can you give them?

As De La Salle Brothers, we have to be genuine, standing by our values and beliefs. It is important for young Lasallians to understand the plights of people in our society and to be moved so that they can make a difference.