When was the very first time you thought of wanting to become a De La Salle Brother?

It wasn’t a big yes – rather it was a series of small yeses that brought me to where I am. I would say that growing up in La Salle Green Hills and going to daily Mass with the Brothers was the first small yes.

What made you decide to become a De La Salle Brother?

School is such a wonderful place where you form lifelong best friends, meet incredible mentors, and make unforgettable memories. I wanted to make my wonderful experience of school available to other young people.

How did it occur to you that your profession is your calling?

I had wonderful teachers in La Salle Green Hills whose example of dedication and service became my standard of being an excellent educator.

How do you discern and live out the Lasallian core values of faith, service and communion in your chosen vocation?

I always try to remember that it was God who called me into this ministry and that He does not call where He will not sustain. Further, God calls us to work with other people for the service of other people, especially the poor (communion) – this becomes the context of our mission.

How will you promote to your fellow young Lasallians the vocation you have chosen? What advice can you give them?

Discover how you want to make your mark in the world; pay forward what your school has done for you.