We congratulate the LSGH Karatedo Team for another impressive finish in the 2nd International Virtual Kata Championships 2021 sponsored by Shotokan Karatedo International European Federation of India last April 4, 2021. Our karatekas’ continuous engagement in sports at this time of the pandemic shows the level of discipline, commitment and perseverance they have imbibed from spending long hours training and polishing their techniques, allowing them to perform well both in sports and academics.

The team is coached by LSGH alumnus, Rex Resurreccion of Batch 92.


LSGH Athletes
Sebastian Yñigo T. Justo, 11-G Gold, Junior (Age 16-17)
Thomas Jared B. Lim, 9-D Gold, Cadet (Age 14-15)
Heath Ulrich R. Liwanes, 8-G Gold, Cadet (Age 14-15)
Anthony N. Ongchangco, 7-G Gold, Age 12-13
Zedrick Frannco V. Tecson, 11-F Gold, Junior (Age 16-17)
Daniel Josh M. Bautista, 12-E Silver, Junior (Age 16-17)
Jacob Dylan Lee, 5-G Silver, Age 10-11
Nathan Tyrel B. Lim, 11-A Silver, Junior (Age 16-17)
Brian Albert D. De Jesus, 11-D Bronze, Junior (Age 16-17)
Alejandro A. Zulueta, 7-H Bronze, Age 12-13
Julio Gabriel R. Lacson, 11-D 4th, Junior (Age 16-17)