The LSGH Karatedo Team of eight students finished strong in the 1st Open E-Kata organized by the Shotokan Karatedo International European Karatedo Federation of India last September 20, 2020, landing 2nd Runner-Up Overall (Country) and 2nd Runner-Up Overall (Club) and bagging a total of eight medals comprised of 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.

The success of our athletes speaks of their hard work and perseverance, continuing their training at home in the face of the pandemic under the guidance of Program Manager/Head Coach Rex Resurreccion (LSGH Batch 1992), with Assistant Coach Allen Gabriel Castro, (LSGH Batch 2015).

Aside from the Philippines, six other countries joined in the event including Iran, Malaysia, Sweden, England, UAE, and Nigeria. Individual wins were lodged by the following karatekas:


LSGH Athlete/Club Members Kata (Forms)
Heath Ulrich R. Liwanes, 8-G Gold
Sebastian Yñigo T. Justo, 11-G Gold
Heather Urielle R. Liwanes Gold
Francis Joshua D. Cuarton Gold
Alejandro A. Zulueta, 7-H Silver
Brian Albert D. De Jesus, 11-D Silver
John Aori B. Sevillo, Batch ‘20 Bronze
Daniel Josh M. Bautista, 12-E Bronze