As the pandemic continues to pose health risks and face-to-face classes remain prohibited, La Salle Green Hills has decided to go FULL ONLINE for the rest of the current school year, 2020-2021.

When COVID-19 lockdown was imposed over half a year ago across the country, La Salle Green Hills immediately ensured the safety of its students, teachers, and all other personnel, calling off classes and putting majority of its personnel under a work-from-home arrangement.

Since July 20, the school has been offering home-based online learning through FLETCH or Flexible Lasallian Education through Technology and Collaboration at Home from Pre-Nursery to Senior High School, and Alternative Education for Adult Night School, ALS and TVET. The program features two modalities: home-based online learning and Blended Learning.

In August 2021, subject to clearance from health authorities and local government units, La Salle Green Hills hopes to shift to blended learning.

2nd Trimester October 5 – January 22, 2021
3rd Trimester February 8 – May 7, 2021


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