Every year, many alumni, both young and old, return to LSGH grounds for the grand homecoming. There are several alumni, however, who do not need to wait for the annual event to do so because they now call LSGH home once again – not as students, but as colleagues and prime movers in the administration.

La Salle Green Hills ushers in a new academic year with the following alumni from different batches on board:

Batch 1982 Br. Edmundo L. Fernandez FSC President
Batch 1997 Br. Normandy C. Dujunco FSC Director for Lasallian Mission
Batch 1987 Arch. Pablo Fortunato A. Suarez Head, Administrative Services Department
Batch 1985 Dr. Francisco T. Tiosejo Head, Health Services Office
Batch 2010 Mr. Jose Miguel V. Moreno Head, Human Resource Development Office
Batch 1995 Mr. John Patrick A. Zablan Head, Safety and Security Office
Batch 1993 Mr. Joseph Ray Albert B. Garrido Head, Technology Management Center
Batch 2004 Mr. David John M. Leaño Head, Marketing and Communication Office
Batch 1998 Mr. Rayvincent Matthew J. Bienvenida Head, Sports Program & Development Office
Batch 1997 Mr. Michael D. Tecson III Head, Strategic Planning Office

We believe in the Lasallian graduate!