“Endemic Birds of Splendor,” a photo exhibit of colorful native birds by master photographer Ely Teehankee, had a very successful opening night at the Main Lobby of La Salle Green Hills. LSGH alumni and friends, as well as art and nature lovers, were clearly impressed by the striking beauty of the endemic birds.

The event was organized by former officers of LSGH Parents Association together with Ms. Pearl Ortega, a retired administrator of the school. Participating in the ribbon cutting were Br. Jose Mari Jimenez, FSC, Mr. Ely Teehankee, Dr. Luisa Puyat, Mr. Miguel Puyat and Supreme Court Associate Justice Andres Reyes, Jr.

“Ely Teehankee was my classmate in DLSU High School ’61,” relates LSGH president Br. Victor Franco, FSC. “When I became aware of his interest in photography and the beauty of God’s creatures captured through his lens, I decided to embark on this exhibit.”

Dubbed “Endemic Birds of Splendor,” the photo showcase was originally intended to be a fundraising activity for LSGH’s Adult Night High School scholars. It soon became much more than that. “We soon realized that the exhibit would present a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness among our students and the rest of the academic community regarding the urgent need to protect the environment,” says Br. Vic. “This is a must so that the beautiful birds endemic to our country may survive and thrive.” 

In the Invocation during the exhibit’s opening night, Grade 6 student Kevin Joseph Tejano led the guests in praying, “Lord, help us to respect Mother Nature and all living creatures on earth so that future generations can also witness your awesome creations. Bless the people who have dedicated their lives in protecting your gifts.”

During the exhibit’s run, select students from the art classes were brought to the photo display to capture the beauty of the birds in their artistic works. Teachers handling science subjects touching on the environment were encouraged to use the exhibit as a teaching tool. Mr. Teehankee also agreed to speak to the Grade School and High School photography clubs.  

The “Endemic Birds of Splendor” photo exhibit and the activities that supported it proved that in learning how to be good stewards of creation, LSGH students can and will “Go Higher”.