Open Letter to the Senators of the Republic of the Philippines on the Re-Imposition of the Death Penalty

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The State values the dignity of every human person
and guarantees full respect for human rights
– Article II, Section 11 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution


To our dear Senators of the Republic of the Philippines,


We, your fellow alumni and colleagues, your constituents, and your fellow Filipinos, appeal to you to vote against the restoration of the death penalty in our country.

To the members of our network, and our dear partners, to our friends and family, we invite you to also take part in this call—to ask that our Senators work with us to creatively imagine and implement a justice system that is rehabilitative and restorative.

This letter, with the accompanying signatures will be delivered to our Senators upon the reading of the bill. Together, let us rise above violence and vindictiveness.


Read and sign the open letter here:

The open letter with the updated signatories can be read here: