The medical and dental mission organized by LSGH is an apostolic endeavor that takes place twice a year. The mission gives free health services to less fortunate members of our partner communities. Parents, alumni, teachers, students, and staff collaborate in delivering this service to selected partner communities.

The services provided include:

  • Giving free medical/dental consultations and medicines to the members of our partner communities
  • Providing volunteering opportunities to our parent partners who are in the professional medical and dental professions to freely share their expertise and time to those in need
  • Providing volunteering opportunities to our students, faculty, and staff by distributing medicines, food and medical supplies, and assist our volunteer and dentists

Last October 22, 2016, the mission provided services to 312 medical patients and 70 dental patients from San Felipe Neri Parish in Mandaluyong City.

Our volunteers who gave their time, talents and treasures were:

  • Mauricius & Michele de Guzman, MD – parents of Luis Miguel De Guzman from Section 3C
  • Fatima Fuerte, MD – mother of Colin James Fuerte from Section 8H
  • Ten (10) Dentists & One (1) Staff from Philippine Children’s Medical CenterChristian Adrillana, MD – father of Salvo Laurence Adrillana from Section 3E
  • Ana Roderos, MD – mother of John Victor Roderos from Section 9E
  • Charina Nacion, MD – mother of Ralf Andrei Nacion from Section 7J
  • Therese Casupang, MD – mother of Lucas Joseph Casupang from Section Nursery-A
  • Marichu Cadevida, MD – mother of Raymund Cadevida from Section 12H
  • Elham Bocalbos, MD – mother of Elijah Luis Bocalbos from Secetion 9I
  • Four (4) Medical Doctors from Philippine Children’s Medical Center
  • Rose Mia M. Salazar, DMD – mother of Joaquin Franco & Juan Paolo Salazar
  • Nerissa R. Cordova, DMD – mother of Jillian R. Cordova from Section 6H
  • Rosa Esperanza C. Cruz, DMD & Dr. Edgardo S. Clemente, DMD – parent of Raphael Edward Clemente from Section Kinder E
  • Carlos & Vangie Diamante, DMD – parents of Evan Diamante from Section 8F
  • Philippine Coast Guard – Dental Team headed by Capt. Rodolfo S. Ingel, Jr. PCG


  • Emma Custodio


  • Luis Garcia from Section 8A
  • Angelo Raphael Hernandez from Section 9H
  • Michael De Castro from Section 10C
  • Alec Francisco Garces from Section 10D
  • Aurelio Miguel Pamfilo from Section 10I
  • Jon Borbon from Section 11C
  • Tree Dalayaon – GS pupil


  • Denise Alicante
  • Rodolf Andres
  • Sarah Mae Banzon
  • Shiela Fegi
  • Cecilia Mañoso
  • Michael Ombao
  • Luzviminda Panol
  • Rene Rivera
  • Joshua Rumbawa


  • Ms Ana Ria Aguilar – from the Adult Night High School Department
  • Mr Gil Geeran Bangeles – from the High School Department
  • Ms Maybelle Dalayaon & Husband – from the Grade School Department
  • Ms Hazel Magsalin & Daughter – from the High School Department


  • Ms Fatima Alejandro
  • Ms Beth Austria
  • Mr Nick Dela Cuesta
  • Ms Badette Doroya
  • Ms Ruby Espuerta
  • Mr Edward Mitra
  • Mr Mark Samontina


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