Mandarin Now Offered To Grades 3 and 4



From what was initially an after-school enrichment class for interested enrollees, to an elective offering for 2 years in the High School, the Chinese Language Program has now been integrated as a regular foreign language subject to Grade 3 pupils beginning school year 2014-2015. For school year 2015-2016, following a 4-year development plan, Basic/Introductory Mandarin will be offered once more to incoming Grade 3 pupils. For Grade 4 pupils, Pre-Intermediate Mandarin will be offered.

The focus of the classes is the training of Chinese communicative competencies to form a solid foundation for speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin and the acquisition of proficiency in the language. The school follows the recommended course outline for teaching Chinese to foreigners through a functional and relevant curriculum based on the Youth Chinese Test (YCT).


The past school year saw the development of the Grade 3 pupils’ skills in proper pronunciation of Hànyu pinyin (Chinese phonetic alphabet) and in basic Chinese greetings, essential vocabulary and simple sentences.  The pupils also engaged in the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival) and the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), where they played traditional Chinese games, made Chinese lanterns and learned how to sing Chinese songs.

Aside from these classes, the Chinese Language Program also continued to offer Chinese Enrichment Classes to pupils from Grades 4-8 as well as the Hanyu Chinese Culture Club to pupils from Grades 6-8. Session activities included film viewing, paper-cutting, writing calligraphy, preparing Chinese tea and the like.


The Chinese Language Program is one of school’s many endeavors to strengthen its commitment to producing better-equipped Lasallians ready to cope with the demands of globalization and become internationally competitive, with knowledge of Mandarin as a potent tool.