Inspiring and empowering students for global competence

Acknowledging the important role of interaction and collaboration in effecting learning, the high school department led by its principal, Mrs. Maria Donna Ines, welcomed students and adult guests from Nagoya International High School (NIHS) last July 2, 2018.

The visit was highlighted by numerous activities that provided venue for the NIHS students to interact with the LSGH high school students. The Student Affairs Central Body Executive Committee (SACB ExeCom) and the Core Heads, with Student Activities Coordinator Ms. Rubilita Vasco at the helm and Mr. Gilbert Rehoy, SACB moderator, engaged the students in getting-to-know games. A mask-painting session was also conducted by Mr. Rommel Che Guerrero Aniceto, Arts and Technology coordinator.

The Culinary Arts class of Mr. James Randolph Nicdao meanwhile, had a taste of authentic Japanese sushi deftly prepared by the student-guests. They also demonstrated the Japanese tea ceremony much to the delight of the Grade 10E students. Simultaneous observations were arranged with other Grade 10 classes where the visitors had the opportunity to experience Lasallian education in action.

The LSGH visit, along with similar undertakings in two public schools in Quezon City and Bulacan, was arranged by the International Children’s Action Network (ICAN) Foundation, a Japanese non-profit organization conducting development activities in the Philippines. Through this endeavor, NIHS hopes to pave the way for its students to expand their vision and encourage them to be global leaders who take initiatives to act on global issues. Moreover, the experience is expected to provide them with the opportunity to learn the culture of the Philippines and allow the young students to better appreciate diversity in varying contexts.

The delegation is composed of 12 students, namely: Takuro Inde, Haruyuki Kawabe, Kangdae Park, Mayu Hara, Koki Kato, Yuuma Kohsaka, James Owen Marshall, Kiyokane Motoda, Yuki Nakashima, Miyu Otani and Taiga Williams. They were joined by their teacher Mr. Hiroyuki Tanaka and two ICAN Foundation Staff, Ms. Aya Yoshida and Ms. Airi Iizuka.