LSGH showcases “Endemic Birds of Splendor” from Nov. 16-23


“Endemic Birds of Splendor,” a photo exhibit by Ely Teehankee, will have its formal opening on the 16th of November 2017, 5:00 p.m. at the Main Lobby of the La Salle Building, La Salle Green Hills. On display in the exhibit is Mr. Teehankee’s superb collection of breathtaking birds taken from around the country.

Mr. Ely Teehankee is a master photographer when it comes to wild bird photography. He has traveled far and wide to shoot an assortment of magnificent birds right in their habitat. He enjoys this hobby because as he puts it, “it gives me the chance to commune with nature and feel the presence of God in all his beautiful creations.”

Joining Mr. Teehankee in the ribbon-cutting and exhibit opening are Br. Victor A. Franco FSC and Br. Jose Mari “JJ” Jimenez FSC. High School musical group “Acoustics After Class” will provide the intermission number.

The “Endemic Birds of Splendor” photo exhibit will be held until November 23, 2017. Part of the proceeds from this exhibit will be for the benefit of the students supported by the LSGH Scholarship Program.