LSGH Primus Class Celebrates Golden Anniversary

The LSGH High School class of 1968, also called Primus, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this 2018. Homecoming activities are in the works to make the occasion more memorable for the Primus batch, some of whom will return from abroad, from as far away as the US and Spain. 

PRIMUS GOLDEN GETAWAY.  Kicking-off the homecoming activities is the January 28-31Baguio Reunion. In this four-day event, Primus and their families can rekindle old friendships and exchange stories of school.  Some fifty participants are expected to visit the Pine City and enjoy several days of bonding, golf and tours, including a specially arranged visit to the Philippine Military Academy.  Several rounds of golf are expected to be played at the historic Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay. On Jan. 29, Primus and their families will enjoy an evening of music and entertainment at the Baguio Country Club.  

PRIMUS GOLDEN GATHERING.  The half-day, morning activity on Feb. 2 will begin with an introduction to the History of the Lasallian Mission in the Philippines by Br. Victor Franco FSC, LSGH President.  It will be followed by an overview of the Lasallian Mission in East Asia District by Br. Jose Mari Jimenez FSC, Auxiliary Visitor of LEAD.  The final presentation will be on Lasallian Schools under the stewardship of De La Salle Philippines, by Br. Armin Luistro FSC, DLSP President and former Department of Education Secretary. La Salle Brothers are expected to join this fellowship with the Primus to revive friendships and rekindle the school spirit.

PRIMUS GOLD + GRAD GET-TOGETHER.  In this Feb. 2 afternoon activity, Br. Victor Franco FSC will give an overview of La Salle Green Hills – Past, Present and Future.  The host/moderator will conduct a lively dialogue between the SHS Grade 12 students and their counterparts who will share their academic and career experiences with aspiring doctors, lawyers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, as well as build special bond between the two batches who are 50 years apart.

Like Primus, the SHS Grade 12 students are the first graduating class of senior high school, under the K to 12 program. The Primus class of 1968 will offer this logo to denote the class of the new graduates.

Thanksgiving Mass and Homecoming Day.  During the Thanksgiving Mass on Feb. 3, Primus will present a tribute to batchmates who have gone ahead through an In Memoriam video. In the Homecoming program on the same day, Primus will show two videos. The first will be a summary of the recent event in Baguio and Feb. 2 fellowships with the Brothers and SHS Grade 12.  The second will feature some 68 Primus and their families.

Primus Golden Good-Byes (Hasta La Vista Party). All Primus and their families are invited to this culminating activity of music, entertainment and culinary delights, to be held at one of the leading chain of restaurants owned and managed by a Primus batchmate, Vic-Vic Villavicencio.  During the evening of celebration, participants will be treated to a video presentation of the entire Primus Homecoming of 2018.

Summary of Hope. The aspiration of LSGH’s Batch 1968 is expressed in this statement: “We, the Primus class of 1968, believe that this is a historic event, marking the first golden jubilee of LSGH graduates. Our hope is not just to bring back our graduates but to help give back to our School and its current community.  We hope to start other “firsts” that may become part of future homecoming events, particularly the golden anniversary celebrations of alumni.  The fellowship with the Brothers, and the interaction with the SHS Grade 12, we hope, will be a new beginning that would establish deeper bond between graduates and alumni, the current students, our School, the La Salle Brothers and most importantly, the Lasallian Mission.”