LSGH opens L-Sat for Toddlers


Committed to offering the Lasallian trademark of excellent education, La Salle Green Hills is gearing up for the opening of the LSGH-Satellite or L-Sat, the newest ‘second home’ for 2- to 3-year-old boys and girls, situated at the heart of the metro.

L-Sat offers a play-based program focused on the development of the child – where critical skills are taught, self-care and respect for others is promoted; where the core values of faith, service and communion are instilled. L-Sat is an early childhood learning center that is accessible, safe, and fun for very young learners.

Poised to be a trendsetter in early education, L-Sat marks the first time La Salle Green Hills is going beyond the confines of its main campus so toddlers and pre-Nursery children may experience the Lasallian brand of quality education. Avida Towers Centera, along EDSA in Mandaluyong, provides just the perfect location for L-Sat, where fun-filled and educational activities await the kids.

For two hours each day, an array of collaborative activities such as show and tell, sensory play, arts and crafts and outdoor wonder take center stage, with a team of highly competent teachers on hand, ensuring an enriching experience. Lessons are divided into creative learning blocks, with meal time for snacks and socialization, and cool down for naps and other interaction. At L-Sat, every encounter, every experience helps fortify the child’s growing independence, confidence, competence, and resilience!

L-Sat is truly a wonderful opportunity for a child to discover and learn. It shall celebrate your child’s small milestones that lead to big achievements in life with us. L-Sat shall help bring out the child’s inherent potentials on the road to building character and competence for their real-world undertaking and entry to formal school life.

*For more information and enrolment, please call any of our contact numbers: 7212000 local 107 or 205, 727 3761 or 0917 6766379.