LSGH Lights Up for Illuminare 2017

A radiant tradition was upheld once again when La Salle Green Hills students, faculty, staff and administrators converged for Illuminare 2017.

“Illuminare,” which means “light up” in Latin, is a Yuletide lighting ceremony that marks the opening of the Christmas lights around the LSGH campus. The first Illuminare was held on the 29th of November 2007 at the Upper Field. Over the years, it had signaled the beginning of LSGH’s observance of the Christmas season.

As in the past, the entire campus became alive with glowing light in anticipation of the reason for celebrating Christmas: the birth of Jesus.  Illuminare 2017 also served as a strong reminder to bring the light of Christ in the dark corners of everyday lives, and in a more urgent way, in the deep darkness enveloping our country today. “We are Christians. We are called to be people of the light. Jesus is that light,” said LSGH President Br. Victor Franco FSC.

Br. Vic also led in the Illuminare 2017 prayer:  “Come, Lord Jesus, illumine our hearts and minds as we light up our campus today, and grant us the determination, the grit, to bring your light to those who are most in need. Amen.”