LSGH Grade School Taekwondo Team Wins PRADA 2015 Competition

The well-trained LSGH Taekwondo Team once again proved their mettle by winning the 2015 PRADA competition. All the strenuous physical and mental exercises they went through gave our boys the confidence to face their challengers. With many activities in between and a two week break after their exams, the boys were pushed to the limit within a tight schedule of five days to recondition themselves for the competition. Despite all odds, including first time jitters among many of our team members, they firmly stood on the mats with determination and focus to win over their more seasoned opponents. Congratulations to our boys and their Coach, Mr Andre Fajardo, for a job well done! Animo La Salle!

The Grade School Athlete-medalists are:

Master Derren Mohd Hisham Grade 2-F Gold Medal
Master Judge Loste Grade 5-A Gold Medal
Master Joaquin Cleofe Grade 6-E Bronze Medal
Master Manuel Dalayoan Grade 4-G Bronze Medal
Master David Manguerra Grade 6-D Bronze Medal
Master Alben Paolo Biltz Grade 6-F Bronze Medal