LSGH Grade School Shares Education Mission With Tondo Don Bosco Youth Center

The Grade School Principal’s Council headed by the GS Principal, Mr. Jose Ramelle E. Javier, journeyed to the Don Bosco Youth Center in Tondo, Manila for their reach-out activity with the Center’s TVET teachers. Equipped with skills and strategies for effective English communication, selected members of the GSPC shared their knowledge with youth center teachers through short courses. This was received very well with so much gratitude as expressed by their Director and Rector, Fr. GC Carandang who envisions a strong partnership between LSGH and Don Bosco in building a culture of helping among stakeholders and constituents. “It is a shared mission of educating the youth that we both carry” Fr. GC expressed in his closing remarks. In the same manner, Mr. Ramelle highlighted the experience on the part of the GSPC as a cup now filled with so much hope and expectation in terms of the attitude we now carry as regards the vocation of teaching for the youth at risk. It is the same mission entrusted to us by our founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle: “God entrusts to you the care of the young” (St. La Salle). It is in this light that we are called to go beyond our comfort zones and share our God-given talents to those who are called to the same mission.


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