LSGH Clinches Gold in the World Scholar’s Cup

Members of The Lazette, Club Rhetorique and Student Affairs Central Body (SACB) celebrate their first victory as they bagged several awards in the recently-concluded World Scholar’s Cup Manila Round held at Xavier School last July 9 and 10, 2016.

It was a weekend full of fun and challenges where our teams battled it in Collaborative Writing, Team Debate, Scholar’s Challenge and Scholar’ against the eight participating schools, which included Saint Pedro Poveda College, Grace Christian College,  Miriam College High School, and Xavier School.

Jasper Ryan Buan, Reinier Navarro, and Joaquin Torres won First Place championship trophies for Junior Medalist Top Writing Team; Neal Amandus Gellaco, Justin Guda, and Joshua Nathaniel Gabriel won the title for Senior Medalist Top Debate Team.

Justin Guda was chosen to represent LSGH in the Debate Showcase. He was with the affirmative team composed of fellow best debaters from other schools, for the motion “The Philippines is becoming more imperfect.” Their trainers were Mrs. Karen Anne Beltran and Miss Gello Marie De Jesus.

The whole event aimed to foster teamwork, critical thinking, and argumentative competence amongst the members of a team. All of these were tied together by the unifying theme, “An Imperfect World,” with the topics focused on crime and justice, disease, cheating, and failed states.

The following teams qualified for the Global Round in 2017:


Team 108

  • Jasper Ryan Buan, 10-H
  • Reinier Navarro, 9-G
  • Joaquin Torres, 9-A

Team 109

  • Thaddeus Broto, 8A
  • Inigo De Leon, 8H


Team 161

  • Jose Antonio Carballo, 11-G
  • Joshua Salarza, 12-D
  • Jacob Reyes, 11-F

Team 162

  • Aemoh Mario Jordan, 10-D
  • Pio Miguel Cruz, 11-E
  • Julio Gerardo Villegas, 11-C

Team 163

  • Zhangyi Fan, 12A
  • Ethan John Floro, 12B
  • Jose Emmanuel Paz, 12A

Team 164

  • Neal Amandus Gellaco, 12A
  • Justin Guda, 12A
  • Joshua Nathaniel Gabriel, 12D

Team 165

  • Jose Emilio Morada, 12A
  • Hugo Catan, 12J
  • Ryle Matthew Rellosa, 12A

Team 166

  • Joaquin Rafael Uyguanco, 11I
  • Lance Giggio Aquino, 11C
  • Kevin Brian Tan, 11B

Team 167

  • Ritch Jeremiah Traballo, 11-I
  • Rio Emmanuel Santiago, 11-C
  • Marque Callanta, 11-B


The World Scholar’s Cup is an inclusive enrichment global enrichment program that hosts academic competitions for middle and high school aged students in over 40 countries around the world. Its program involves students working in teams of three and competing in four different events: Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, the Scholar’s Challenge (multiple choice test of knowledge), and the Scholar’s Bowl (a quiz bowl of sorts involving electronic clickers).

Each year students explore topics across six subject areas that are connected by a central theme. This year’s theme is An Imperfect World and sees students studying a wide range of topics including the history of cheating, the politics of failed states, a study of crime and justice, and related works of art, literature, and music.

The event last July 9 and 10 in Xavier School was the first Scholar’s Cup in the Philippines.