Living the Victorious Life

Transforming our Thinking for Better Results

The third time is indeed the charm for the La Salle Parents’ Association and their scheduled parenting seminar that took place last August 2, 2018 at the Br. Donato Center, under the engaging and prolific motivational speaker, Mr. Anthony Pangilinan, distinguished management trainor and proud alumnus of LSGH Batch 82.

LSPA President, Mrs. Ria Lim, welcomed the parent-attendees with the acknowledgement of their presence that shows their yearning to learn and discover what more can be done for our young Lasallians and for the school community as a whole.

Mr. Pangilinan began his talk by saying that none of us can change others; we can only disturb. Likewise, parents can neither force their children to change — and that change should come from oneself. He went on to explain that everything starts with an idea, an idea that turns into thoughts and translates into feelings and further on into actions.  However, it is important to remember that these ideas must be bound by values, because, as stated by noted author, speaker and pastor John Maxwell, values drive our decisions, which drive our behaviors, and these behaviors drive results for the better.

The speaker engaged the audience during the hour-long talk with anecdotes from his student-life in LSGH, his declamation contest and leadership experiences, among others. He also generously shared narratives from his children’s milestones and other family and marriage experiences in the past 25 years.

He enjoined the parents to transform their way of thinking, because to live a truly victorious life, we need to be thinking victorious thoughts.

He generously discussed the following focal points:

  1. Stuff happens
  2. Understanding of the “stuff” is highly personal
  3. Reaction is automatic, almost instinctive
  4. Processing is a choice
  5. Acceptance of change is the hope
  6. Stuff happens again and again
  7. Something different and new takes place

He also gave additional insights on how to “reproduce leaders” by discussing the 5Ms: ModelMentor, Monitor, Move Forward and Move Back.  Mr. Pangilinan said that as parents, we should provide the framework for children to learn leadership by example. It is not simply looking at what happens TO them, but what happens IN them when “stuff” happens. He also underscored the need to teach our children to “fail” – so that they will know how to rise from them.

In closing, the speaker also shared these nuggets of wisdom:


Have a trusted friend that listens to you
Understand, it’s a process
Go to the root, not the fruit

Overcome destructive thoughts with hopeful ones
Transformation is forever


The 150-strong parents who braved the Thursday traffic left the venue encouraged with a reminder Mr. Pangilinan left them with: “I am able to respond and not just react. I’m in a better place, and I feel better about myself. With enough support, and practice, better days are up ahead.”