Lasallian Mission Week 2016 Celebrations at LSGH


Among the highlights of the Lasallian Mission Week 2016 Celebration was the introduction of Br. Fonzy to the community during the launching ceremony. The inspiration for Br. Fonzy as mascot of LSGH comes from the very first Director and Principal of the institution, Br. Alphonsus Bloemen FSC who was also one of the first six teachers who taught in LSGH.

Br. Fonzy’s presence will be felt during celebrations and activities that promote the “Culture of Helping” in our school community. The image of Br. Fonzy was designed by Miss Stephanie Lim, a Grade 4 Science teacher.
Let us all give Br. Fonzy our warm Lasallian greeting whenever we see him in campus. ANIMO!


Green and white flaglets were waved by our Grades 2-6 pupils as a gesture of unity of the grade school community in building a happy community through a culture of helping. Lasallian Mission Week is the very first among festivities that the institution celebrates.

“Lasallian Mission Week is a weeklong celebration in La Salle Green Hills when the community initiates various activities in line with the newly revised LSGH Vision – Mission. The Lasallian Mission Office, with the support of the different stakeholders, spearheads this meaningful celebration of being Lasallian” (LMW 2016 Primer)

It sets the direction for other celebrations for the school year.  The theme “Helping: The Animo Way of Building a Happy Community” becomes the central focus of LMW. This was reinforced by Br. Raffy Reyes FSC, the Head Administrator of the Lasallian Mission office in his inspirational message as he punctuated what helping is about through the Gospel passage of the Good Samaritan. During the launching ceremony, activities that concretely manifest the spirit of helping were introduced such as “Good Day Wednesday” where stakeholders of LSGH were inspired to do an act of kindness, write it on a piece of paper and drop in boxes situated around the campus. The pieces of paper will then be offered during community masses. The community was also introduced to Br. Fonzy (LSGH mascot), whose depiction was inspired by the first Director and Principal of LSGH, Br. Alphonsus Bloemen FSC.

Another concrete manifestation of the Culture of Helping is the LSGH-ALS Program where volunteer teachers help provide education for those who could not enroll in the mainstream due to various reasons, one of which include poverty. Towards the end of the launching program, Mr. Jose Ramelle E. Javier, the GS Principal reiterated that it is “good” to help and that we should make it a conscious effort to extend help to those in need. This is what makes a true Lasallian and was resounded through the community singing of the song “I am Lasallian” and the Alma Mater hymn.



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