The Kundirana is a music ministry.  It has dedicated itself to the spreading of joy and hope.  Through the talents God gave these high school students from La Salle Green Hills, and which have been polished and developed by many able and generous hands, Kundirana has been able to reach out to countless people in their concerts and other public appearances here and abroad.

These high school boys have touched many people’s lives not only on stage, but off stage as well, through their gentlemanly manners and Christian behavior and bearing.  They have touched people’s lives through funds raised, of which nothing goes to them, from benefit concerts organized by various religious, social and civic associations.  They have touched the hearts of the poor, the sick, the elderly, and the forgotten by their thoughtfulness and graciousness.  They have shown that by loving and caring and sharing, people are infected with joy and hope.

As a continuing ministry, the Kundirana believes that it is their responsibility to use their special gift for music as a way of bringing joy into the lives of people, especially the less fortunate.  It is their desire to touch hearts and invigorate spirit through their message of love, peace and brotherhood. It is what inspires them to perform better in giving a part of ourselves to others.

This is Kundirana’s mission – to experience “joy” in giving joy to others.

On Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 7:00 PM, Kundirana 2017 will perform at the Br Rafael Donato FSC Center for Performing Arts at LSGH. Be there to share and experience the joy of giving joy to others.