JAPANESE EDUCATORS MEET WITH LSGH ‘Imparting Wisdom for a Globalized World’

Twenty-one students and two professors from Aichi University in Nagoya, Japan, visited La Salle Green Hills late August 2018, where the delegation observed Language and Reading classes in grade 6 and English classes in grade 7. The elementary group was headed by Professor Hideaki Kato.

The Chair of the Academic Coordinators, Mr. Mario Miguel B. Ordoñez, was assisted by the Reading and Mandarin Coordinator, Mrs. Agnes B. Medenilla and Language Coordinator, Miss Ma. Riza Y. Bulaong. Together they took charge of the orientation and school tour for the Japanese visitors. 

Mr. Ordoñez presented the grade school governance structure and the subjects and program offerings while Professor Kato made the translation to Nihongo.

A short campus tour of the grade school facilities was done after the observation. An interview with the English bloc coordinators was also a highlight of the visit.

The high school delegation, meanwhile, proceeded to the High School Principal’s office and were welcomed by the Assistant Principal for Academics, Mrs. Maria Carmela A. Boncodin.

As a whole, the Aichi University visitors regarded our students to have a very high proficiency in the English language. They also shared that La Salle Green is a ‘famous school’ and said that the sports program of the school is ‘very strong.’ They have learned much about the Philippine educational system, economics and culture in their study tour visit and have come to appreciate more of Asia and schools in the Philippines in general.