Policies and Procedures at the PEARL Office

    1. LSGH E-Learning PortalThe PEARL Office takes charge of the entry system of the E-Learning Portal by encoding the student number of the pupil as the username in the data base. The E-Learning Portal houses the instructional tools of the teachers that include PowerPoint, Activity Sheets, SPC/ TKP, Notes, Interactive games, Instructional videos and the like. The E-Learning Portal acts as an additional supplementary tool that can be used in school or outside the school where good internet connection is available.The E-Learning Portal also serves as an instrument to deliver the following links:
      1. Assignment
      2. Circulars and Letters
      3. Online Handbook
      4. Quiz Management System (LSGH Moodle)
      5. Learning Resources Links
      6. Application Download
    2. LSGH MoodleThe use of mobile devices in classroom assessment and instruction is highly valued by the PEARL Office. In this light, pupils are trained on how to access online activities and quizzes by the use of LSGH Moodle. This is a quiz management system that can generate accurate results of the test in real time and will make the evaluation results clearly seen by the respective teacher.
    1. Borrowing of Devices (accessories are included)
      1. The teacher will sign a borrowing form before the release of the device. (If there are available devices)
      2. The teacher may borrow the device up to 3 days only.
      3. The teacher will be liable in any cases of loss or damage in the device.
      4. The teacher must use the device only for classroom instruction and not for personal use.
    2. Online Test Requisition
      1. The teacher creates the test questions and proofread by the concerned academic coordinator
      2. The academic coordinator email the soft copy to the Educational Technology Coordinator for conversion in electronic copy
      3. The subject teacher proofreads the contents before the actual implementation
      4. The PEARL Office will provide technical personnel who will assist the teacher/s.
      5. The online test must be given to the PEARL Office at least 3 days before the actual implementation in class.
    3. Uploading of Instructional Tools in the E-Learning Portal
      1. The teacher submits the soft copy/ hard copy to the concerned Academic Coordinator.
      2. The Academic Coordinator will proofread the contents of the instructional materials and forward it to the PEARL Office.
      3. The technical personnel will convert the instructional tools in different formats (html, swf, pdf, interactive ppt and the like) that will fit in the activity of the teacher.
      4. The enhancement and graphical illustrations will be under the care of the Educational Technology Coordinator.
      5. The request for instructional tools conversion must be made at least 3 days before the actual implementation in class.
    4. Uploading of Assignments in the E-Learning Portal for the Grade School Department
      1. The teacher/s login in the LSGH E-Learning Portal and encodes the assignment.
      2. The assignment entry/ies must be encoded on or before 3:00pm.
      3. The academic coordinators will proofread the contents from 3:00pm to 3:30pm.
      4. The Educational Technology Coordinator will make the assignments available in the E-Learning Portal at exactly 3:30pm and can be viewed publicly.

The PEARL Office is the support arm of the Grade School and High School Department in developing and enhancing multimedia-content files used in classroom instruction. This includes the creation of materials running in flash file contents and html format. The PEARL Office conducts thorough research and study about educational software and on how to create one. The PEARL Office aims to deliver quality service in aiding the needed applications and electronic converted materials for the enhancement of learning skills of 21st century learners.