Do More with Edmodo

by Ray Jim O. Garduque





I was very excited when the PEARL project was implemented last year. I know that with the use of the Tablet, LSGH will again be a trailblazer in the use of technology in education. Yet, early on during the year the excitement turned to disappointment as parents complained about their sons’ obsession with games and worse, with the unavailability of e-books. Then I stumbled upon Edmodo.

Edmodo, simply put, is Facebook for education. It facilitates communication with the teacher in a classroom setting as it replicates the connectivity that Facebook has. Thus, pupils easily got hooked into it and there was no need to teach them how to use it as almost all of them are familiar with Facebook. With Edmodo, they get updates on the projects, assignments and quizzes that they need to prepare for as the important dates are plotted in a calendar that pupils can see, thus enabling them to do a sort of time management. A group code is given to make sure that only the pupils of a particular class will receive the intended notes and alerts, thus fostering healthy connectivity between classmates and teachers. It prevents usage of bogus accounts that may be used for cyber bullying.

The clustering pupils according to their section furthermore facilitate the sharing of files and the checking of the projects submitted. One of the files I shared with my pupils is the PDF/EPUB version of the Bible. They were able download and install it in their Tablets in record time. Technically speaking, everything a teacher may need can be found at Edmodo.

Edmodo also has an online quiz maker which makes the construction of review exam easier. A tally of pupils who got an item correct is immediately generated which helps teachers identify skills that need more focus and refinement.

Collaborating online with teachers from other countries on a variety of interests and subjects is something that teachers can pursue through Edmodo. It is like benchmarking online with schools worldwide in one click. I personally joined the discussion groups about UBD to learn more about. The sharing and experiences of teachers from other countries benefited me a lot.

Indeed, Edmodo is a digital savior as it has enabled me and my pupils to do more and appreciate greatly the PEARL!