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The La Salle Green Hills Personal Learning Devise (PEARL) Project started in 2011 with only the Advanced Classes from Grade 4 to 4th Year High School serving as the focus group in the use of an Android tablet in the classroom. The objective was to make learning more enjoyable and effective thru collaborative work as well as self-directed learning using available downloadable educational applications. In 2012 following the trial stage, the use of the tablet was expanded to all classes from Grade 3 up to 4th Year High School.

Like any other experimental program, the LSGH PEARL Project experienced a lot of birth pains during the first 3 years of its implementation. Research studies were conducted to determine the effectiveness of using IT in learning and if it helped improve academic performance of students.

To support the growing digital needs of the institution, the PEARL Office was established on September 2014. Policies, procedures and projects were redesigned to fit the pedagogical requirements by aligning innovative approaches to learning that blends technology with traditional teaching methods. Under the leadership of Br. Emmanuel Hilado FSC, the PEARL Office became one of the busiest and productive offices of La Salle Green Hills serving the needs of the faculty, pupils/ students and parents.

During the school year 2015-2016, the use of multi-platform devices was made compulsory for Grades 3, 6 and 9. However, parents were still able to choose between tablets or textbooks for their sons who were in Grades 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 3rd and 4th year. Several outsource technology partners, such as Microsoft, Edxis-Google Partner and PowerMac, helped La Salle Green Hills in establishing a strong e-learning program.

The multi-platform program for Grades 3, 6 and 9 was found to be successful in delivering quality online learning instructional materials that used web-based applications that ran across different operating systems. This developed a strong foundation for e-learning that gave both teachers and learners alike a variety of educational tools that effectively blended technology and pedagogy. Notable in its effectiveness were the self-made instructional tools that were available either online or offline.

This school year (SY 2016 – 2017), the PEARL Office is redesigned as an Academic Service Unit under the supervision of the Grade School and High School Principals. Because of the success of the multi-platform program, the school has made it the standard for Grade 4 up to Grade 12. The PEARL Office will also support the LSGH Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program in delivering supplementary materials equipped with the basic foundation of e-learning.


The PEARL Project has a 5-Stage Roadmap:

  • Replace the printed textbook with the e-book
  • Use the device to replace the Assignment notebook as a mode of communication with parents
  • Use the device to present and enhance students’ work in class
  • Use the device with other technologies
  • Develop new learning strategies and methodologies mediated by the power of mobile learning devices
  • Enhance and develop 21st century skills of the learners


This School Year 2016-2017 marks the use of multi-platform mobile learning devices from Grades 4 to 12. Devises and operating systems that are now used are:

  • Apple iOS using iPad
  • Google Apps using Chromebook or any Android devise
  • Microsoft Applications using Microsoft devices
  • Other web-based applications compatible with any operating system

The PEARL Office showcased and created the use of the following platforms to support the learning needs of the pupils in the use of mobile learning devices:

  • LSGH E-Learning Portal (LSGH Content Management System)
  • LSGH Moodle (LSGH Quiz Management System)
  • In-house creation of digitized collaborative exercises and activities
  • Use of Google Apps for Education
  • Use of Microsoft technologies and applications
  • Use of Apple technologies and applications
  • Use of Web-based Applications that are compatible with all operating systems


The vision of the LSGH PEARL Office is to create a strong foundation and a standardized e-learning program for the Lasallian community, and serve as a model for other educational institutions throughout the country to emulate. The LSGH PEARL Office aims to promote high standards of excellence in the utilization of e-technology as a source of information, and as a training ground for other educational institutions.

Contributed by Mark Anthony Sy
Educational Technology Coordinator