LSGH JHS Students shine in various Math Competitions


Last October 27, 2018, three teams of JHS students participated in the 20th SIPNAYAN competition held at Ateneo De Manila University Quezon City. SIPNAYAN is an annual mathematics contest that provides avenues for students from different schools to showcase their competence in mathematics.

Out of the three teams, Team A composed of

 ZARZA, Jayson Luis B. 10I

DE LEON, Iñigo Raphael S. 10G


Were able to advance through the semi-final round. There were at least 43 schools and around 99 teams participated in the competition.


SEAMO is a unique platform dedicated to provide resources for students of various levels to hone their problem-solving skills and to prepare for more challenging mathematical competitions. For participating students, SEAMO as an international competition, offers numerous benefits. Firstly, participating students benefit from a National and International Ranking. Secondly, since the question paper will be prepared at the same time for Philippines and as well as for other countries, the level of difficulty of both exams will remain the same. Therefore, this Olympiad will set a clear benchmark for Filipino students about their performance as compared to international students.

The local competition was held last September 22, 2018 at Sen. Renato Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School Taguig City.

TIRTAWIJAYA, Jason C.        8G
Percentile Rank: 92.86
Medal: GOLD


Candidates who have achieved a percentile rank of 60.0 or more are eligible to participate in the extended round to be held in Singapore on January 2019. Visit for more information.


MWB is an international competition that involves participants of different age groups from the 7 to 18 years old. This competition aims to highly promote the ancient science of Mathematics. The competition has 3 rounds. The first round (Autumn Round) was attended by 21,126 students from 20 countries. The local round was held last October 27, 2018 at AMSLI’s different testing centers. The following students won a Bronze Medal.

BAUTISTA, Fabian Ross     7A

FRANCISCO, Marcus John M.      8B

They are now qualified to take the second round, which is the Winter Round on January 2019.  Visit for more information.