Over the past ten years or so, LA SALLE GREEN HILLS Grade School’s HASIK and THE GREENERY have always been consistent finalists, if not winners, in the prestigious Catholic Mass Media Awards in the fields of campus journalism and literary composition. This school year is quite special, though, because both publications won the most coveted awards, the BEST STUDENT ORGAN and the BEST LITERARY MAGAZINE awards respectively during the 37th Catholic Mass Media (CMMA) Awards held on November 4, 2015 at the STAR Theatre, Pasay City. Br. Victor A. Franco FSC, LSGH President, Mr. Jose Ramelle E. Javier, Grade School Principal, Mrs. Carol F. Vacunador, Hasik and The Greenery Adviser, Mr. Gilbert P. Ortega, Luntiang Panulat Adviser, and the moderators of the three publications, Mr. Mark Gleen O. Cidro, Miss Ace Lyn U. Miranda, and Mrs. Ma.Dachelle C. Acierto attended the said important event. HASIK bested 14 entries of prestigious grade schools from all over the country in the BEST STUDENT ORGAN (Grade School) category, while THE GREENERY, the only grade school entry in the BEST LITERARY MAGAZINE category from among the different high schools, colleges, and universities in the country emerged the BEST LITERARY MAGAZINE. This back-to-back feat is a manifestation of how our pupils are active and dedicated in producing papers and magazines that are reflective of their learning, an aspect of school rarely reported on in school newspapers. The publications’ vision is a paper and magazine that will create a difference in the lives of their readers, their fellow Lasallians. Thus, HASIK and THE GREENERY are created to serve their readers, inform them, enlighten them, help them to cope, and look out for them. The HASIK and THE GREENERY STAFF and their moderators know very well where they want their publications to go and be, and seek that vision every day — the very source of their hardwork and the commitment to serve.

Congratulations to the staff and moderators. Continue to be inspired and motivated. Animo, La Salle!


Matthew Philip A. Ona

Associate Editors
Martin Christian D. Del Rosario
Alexander Alfred A. Lim

Managing Editors
Reinier M. Navarro
Flor James I. Cristobal
Dominador Joseph C. Asis IV

Sports Editor
Christian Dominic C. Bejasa

Circulations Manager
Regino Constantino F. Herbosa

Editorial Cartoonists
Jose Carlitos Rafael L. Crespo
Jonathan Edward R. Stacey

News Editor
Karl Ezekiel M. Alquitran

News Writers
Norbertjan Napoleon M. Gargantiel
Aemiel Matthew S. Jordan
Roi David F. Gregorio
Paolo Miguel S. Villegas
Zachary Gabriel D. Vilela
Robin Jacob L. Traballo
Jonathan Edward R. Stacey
Joemari Victor R. Burgos
Aidan Lucas P. Olarte
Marcus Gabriel Sta. Ana Barasi

Feature Editors
Paolo Miguel U. Matalicia
Ranns Meldrik A. Santos
Juan Diego E. Abad

Feature Writers
Marco Vicente J. Sanvictores
Elijah Philippe V. Claravall
Andrei Cesar D. Baldorado
Matthew Oliver P. Quiroga
Emmanuel G. Mamalateo

Alejandro Jose G. Lim
Dominik Franko B. Dela Peña
Jose Luis Alejandro H. Ortiz
Juan Carlo B. Peralta
Jose Warren S. Cortezano, Jr.

Jan Dexter S. De Dios

Miss Ace Lyn U. Miranda

Mrs. Carol F. Vacunador


Jasper Ryan M. Buan, Editor-in-chief
Ben Angelo P. Sebastian, Associate Editor
Jose Raphael Joaquin G. Lugay, Writer
Kian Shaun M. Escarta, Writer
Gabriel Luis A. Cruz, Writer
Jozshua Ymmanuel P. Galvez, Writer
Jesus Roman Angelo F. Poblete, Writer
Adem Marione C. Inovejas, Photographer
Jan Dexter S. De Dios, Photographer
Matthew BenjaminL. Nava, Illustrator
Phoenix Ethan Cyrus B. Paras, Illustrator
Jonathan Josh H. Duran, Illustrator
Ian Paulito E. Sabate, Illustrator
Marco Luis M. Gonzales, Illustrator
Atticus Gabriel L. Cariῇo, Illustrator
John Derick M. Gabrillo, Illustrator
Kyle Michael C. Lamela, Illustrator
Harold Arman D. Lim, 7J, Illustrator
Arron John HenriS. Sinco, Illustrator

Mr. Mark Gleen O. Cidro

Mrs. Carol F. Vacunador

37th catholic mass media awards