La Salle International Corporate Image


Because we are members of a great family spread throughout the world we will focus on the name of our Founder… La Salle.

  • “La Salle” is first because it is what unites us. It is the expression that has become, over time, universal. The rest of the elements (the name of the school…) are in the second position even though they do maintain their own identity.

Because we have made progress from the traditional to modernity we will include the symbol of the star, which is of great tradition in the Institute practically since its origin.

  • The star is a link with the past (it reminds us where we come from) but also with the future (it is a light and a guide for travelers). It is the element that is repeated the most in all Lasallian logotypes. It is also the link of union between the official logotype of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (Signum Fidei) and the Lasallian Family.
  • In a Christian context, the star is also a reference point of faith or, in our case, of the “spirit of faith” as a foundational element of Lasallian spirituality. Saint John Baptist de La Salle made reference to it in the Meditation for the Feast of the Adoration of the Kings, and also when he referred to Mary (let us re- member that our patroness is Our Lady of the Star). It is also one of the most used Bible texts to recall the greatness of our mission – the words of the prophet Daniel (12: 3): “Those who lead the many to justice shall be like the stars forever.”

Because the richness of our diversity gives us strength, we use the five-pointed star, harmonious but unequal in the size of the points. Creative fidelity.

  • Five points, one for each continent in which our mission is carried out…
  • Faithful to the charism and to tradition (the star) but in a creative way (dynamism marked in the concrete form of the star), incarnated in the world.

Because the richness of our unity in diversity gives us strength, we use different colors to identify to everyone what we are.

  • Even within a determined framework, variations of color and style attempt to cover all the needs of the Lasallian world.

Because we are unassuming, clear and open; because we move forward from tradition to modernity, we will choose one of the most current typographies of the area.

  • The typography is Helvetica Regular, which is clear and perfectly legible. It is similar to others such as Arial or Swiss 721 which are widely used. The seriousness, sobriety and proportion of its strokes are balanced with the dynamic of the star, unequal but harmonious.

Though the colors of the corporate image may vary from school to school, the blue and yellow colors shown here represent the traditional colors of the family of St La Salle, and eventually adopted by the Institute as its official corporate colors.

(From the Corporate Image Handbook of the Brothers of the Christian Schools)