Lasallians At Heart, Teachers Forever

The Grade School Principal’s Council, through the endeavors of the Lasallian Mission Office GS Team, hosted the Grade School Retirees’ Homecoming last February 16, 2019, held at the Cebrero Hall. This activity is one of the highlights during the recent Kabihasnan Fair 2019.

Former faculty and staff of the GS department were gathered to celebrate the gift of friendship and to reminisce their fondest memories during their tour of duty as educators of La Salle Green Hills.

The retirees arrived as early as 9:00 in the morning for a recollection facilitated by Br. Arian T. Lopez FSC. Through this recollection, the retirees were affirmed of their importance in the formation of their pupils especially those who now stand out as prominent personalities. Moreover, these teachers’ contribution to the betterment of society and in making LSGH what it is today were also greatly appreciated and warmly commended.

After the recollection, the retirees were treated to a special program over lunch where they continued to share stories that reverberate of the foundations they have laid and seeds they have planted in the hearts and minds of the LSGH community.