Co-curricular activities are held to strengthen the academic program in the different subject areas. In all these activities, the support and cooperation of the faculty is elicited to ensure a more enthusiastic and fruitful participation from the pupils. The following are the activities conducted by the school:


Class Spirit of the Year Award (CSYA)

This special citation is given to the section that has demonstrated its outstanding support to the major activities of the Student Council. This includes the Newspaper – R34T Drive (Phases 1 – 3), Christmas Drive, (Pamaskong Pambalot) Cleanliness Drive, Class Conduct, Intramurals, Interclass Contest, LRC Book Borrowers, and Penmanship contests. This award highlights and affirms the solidarity and unity of the whole section, a value espoused by Lasallian schools all over the country.

The Class Spirit of the Year Award is computed by adding the total of transmuted scores based on percentages assigned for each component listed hereunder:

  • Attendance to Family Day and Lantern Parade 10%
  • R34T Drive Phase 1, 2 & 3 10%
  • Christmas Drive 10%
  • Cleanliness Drive 10%
  • Class Conduct 20%
  • Intramurals 10%
  • Interclass Contest 10%
  • LRC Book Borrowers 10%
  • Penmanship Contest 10%
  • TOTAL 100%

Penmanship Contest (Kindergarten to Grade 8)

To develop a distinctively Lasallian style of handwriting, the pupils take part in a contest held thrice a year, except in Kindergarten where it is held only twice a year. Sections within a grade level are pitted against each other. Likewise, individual pupils compete for the title of Best in Penmanship.

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) On-the-spot Drawing Contest (Kindergarten to Grade 8)

The annual contest aims to challenge the creativity and artistry of selected pupils from the different grade levels. A theme is given at the start of each contest and winners are declared in accordance with the standards set by the contest committee.

Creative Writing Contest/Paligsahan sa Malikhaing Pagsulat (Grades 5 to 8)

This is an on-the-spot literary writing contest among the ten best pupils in composition in the grade level. It aims to develop creativity and style in literary writing.

Convocation (Grades 6 to 8)

This activity is an alternative learning experience for pupils in a big group assembly. Speakers are invited to talk about topics on personal development, interpersonal development and academic development and functional skills of pupils. Activity Days Activity Days are scheduled per grade level. It is a one-day activity whereby the pupils showcase their talents and creativity by performing on stage oral interpretations, mimicry, etc. The said activity days serve as a culmination of everything they learn in the classroom.

Interpretative Reading Contest (Grade 1 to Grade 8)

The primary aim of the contest is to develop and enhance love and appreciation for reading good literature. The pupils who are gifted in oral interpretation are given the opportunity to utilize their voice, body, intelligence, emotions and imagination in interpreting artistically varied genres of literature.

Oral Interpretation Contest [Elocution, Chamber Theater, Speech Choir, Two-person Improvisation, etc.] (Grade 1 to Grade 8)

In every grade level, pupils gifted with exceptional skills in the oral interpretation of literary pieces suited to their age and maturity compete with each other. Clarity, creativity and fluency in oral communication are continually developed through this yearly activity.

Speech and Extemporaneous Speaking Contest (Grade 6)

To further enrich the pupils’ oral proficiency, grade six and seven pupils engage in speech and extemporaneous speaking activities as venues for application of their oral communication skills. The gradual movement to a free expression of ideas allows for critical thinking using parameters for effective speaking and writing.

Contests in Filipino

Realizing the need to provide pupils with more opportunities to develop their skills in speaking, reading and writing in Filipino, the Filipino department offers the following contests to achieve this purpose:

  • Bigkasan (Grade 1 to Grade 4)
  • Masining na pagbasa (Grades 5 and 6)
  • Sabayang Pagbigkas (Grade 7)
  • Talumpatian (Grade 8)

Interclass Competition

It is showcased as one category in the annual activity day across grade levels. The concept is to test the pupils’ mastery of the skills and content areas in Christian Living, Mathematics, Science and Health and general information. The advanced and regular classes remain on equal footing all through out the contest until the class with the most number of points emerges and is eventually declared as winner.

Debate (Grades 7 and 8)

This contest in forensics is held towards the end of the school year. This activity is considered valuable in the development of the pupils’ skills in analytical and critical thinking and in the art of formal argumentation. It also hones the pupils’ leadership potentials.

Mimicry (Grades 3, 6, and 7)

Mimicry is an avenue where pupils can express themselves in the field of performing arts. It broadens the pupil’s imagination and creativity to imitate different sounds produced by animals, objects, human beings, etc. The contest is open to Grades 3, 6, and 7.