GS holds Convocation on Developing Good Habits

In pursuit of academic excellence, the school continues to put premium on educational advancements aligned with the framework of 21st century teaching-learning.  Driven by this value and purpose, the Practical Arts and Technology Department sponsored a two-day convocation with the Grades 4 to 6 pupils to give an in-depth discussion on the use of technology in enhancing and reinforcing good study habits and routines.

Mr. Marlo H. Castillo and Mr. Joseph M. Santos, both alumni and are currently connected with the High School Department, gave their valuable inputs on how pupils can cope with ease through the aid of technology. Tablet-mediated activities classroom activities were featured as tools in the learning process. Moreso, while the two speakers shared their expertise on the topic, they have undoubtedly inspired the pupils to accomplish school tasks mindful of the end-goals, equipped with grit and driven by the Lasallian spirit.