Feed My Sheep Movement


“My father has a sweet potato (kamote) plantation in northern Mindanao…and I have asked him to provide us with thirty thousand (30,000) kilos of quality sweet potatoes colored violet and orange which we can in turn give to the poor and needy.” This is a quotation from the letter of a LSGH High School student who, after reflecting on John 21:17 was inspired to start “a movement” to feed the hungry.

He wrote a letter to the High School Principal who passed it on to the Lasallian Mission Office, and after a number of meetings, the boy’s dream is about to be realized. On February 20something, ten thousand (10,000) kilos of camote will be delivered to LSGH to start the Feed My Sheep Movement.

The boy’s desire to start a movement has inspired the whole LSGH community to help….from students to teachers to administrators to parents to alumni. A business plan has been formulated so that the movement becomes sustainable and self supporting. Commitments and pledges are being gathered and the LSGH community is being challenged to join the movement and carry it beyond the original 30,000 kilos committed by the family.

Camote is a carbohydrate and a healthy substitute for rice. Containing lots of vitamins, plenty of fiber, and less sugar than rice, it is a choice source of energy for athletes and a weight loss solution for the overweight. For the poor and hungry, it is a cheap substitute for rice.

The key idea in the business plan is: a) promote sweet potatoes as a health food; start by putting sweet potatoes in your diet or home menu once a week; b) buy and sell sweet potatoes from the FMSM; for every 3 kg that you buy, LSGH will be able to donate 5 kg to a beneficiary community or institution (when you buy from FMSM you also help defray the cost so that a new batch of 10,000 can be sent again.); c) everybody in LSGH can be a Young Lasallian Entrepreneur (for Christ) by buying sweet potatoes from LSGH FMSM and selling these to friends, family, and neighbors. Just 600 Lasallians selling 5 kg each every two weeks will be enough to sustain the Movement.

A brochure is being prepared and an FMSM membership drive is being launched asking Lasallians to commit themselves to be Entrepreneurs for Christ for a period of six months to keep the movement going.