BROTHER DONATO CENTER FOR PERFORMING ARTS – With live band making music in the background, performances evoking memories, and awardees gracing the auditorium, La Salle Green Hills has once again proven to be a strong and happy institution.  

Last August 31, 2018, La Salle Green Hills has concluded another notable Gawad Parangal Ceremony to honor all Lasallians who have shown grit and excellence in their work and mission.   

In a speech addressed by Br. Rafael A. Reyes FSC during the ceremony, it was highlighted that behind every successful institution are the people, who carry in themselves a sense of purpose and meaning in what they do.

In the end, the celebration served as a reminder to the Lasallian community that La Salle Green Hills takes pride in the hard work and dedication of everyone – something worthy of a celebration such as Gawad Parangal.