Feed My Sheep Movement Launch

Released by ICAO News

It was an initiative inspired by the Lord’s call to Simon Peter to “feed my sheep” (John 21:17) that moved a LSGH high school student (he requested to remain anonymous) to seek his father’s help to provide food for the hungry. His father owns a sweet potato plantation in Mindanao which produces top grade purple and yellow-orange sweet potato (kamote) varieties.

As a commitment to this mission, the student was able to convince his father to donate sweet potatoes (kamote) on a regular basis for the school to distribute to various beneficiaries.

Today, the first shipment of 10,000 kgs of kamote arrives in LSGH and the whole community is enjoined to participate by pledging two things:

  1. Learn about the health benefits of kamote and to have it as part of his/her meal or diet at least once a week; and
  2. Buy/sell five (5) kgs of kamote from the Feed My Sheep Movement (FMSM) every two weeks for a period of six months.

In order to sustain the movement, the Lasallian Mission Office came up with a membership scheme for those who wish to support it on a regular basis. Two kinds of membership cards are being made available. These are:

  1. White Membership Card – for those who pledge support to the movement to buy/sell 5 kgs every shipment for a period of six months; and
  2. Green Membership Card – for those who pledge support to the movement to buy/sell one crate (25kgs) every shipment for a period of six months

For every kilo of kamote bought at P50/kg, 1.7 kilos will go to selected beneficiaries of the movement’s feeding program.

The lowly kamote has taken a new meaning for LSGH. It is creating an awareness of its health benefits as well as serving as an inspiration to feed those who are hungry.

Come and join us in supporting this movement. For more information about the card memberships, please contact the Lasallian Mission Office (LMO), Basement Level, St La Salle Building, trunk line number 721 2000 local 350.